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Thanks to our customers for a long time of support,Champion company launched a feedback customer service activities.
When  ordering Designated products, customers,not including dealers , can convertible integral and integral can be  accumulated and exchange gifts.
      All of our products,except porcelain powder class products and parts fittings class products, which see detailed products cannot be redeemed for integral parts table,all can redeem.
                        cannot be redeemed for integral parts table.xls
      Integral computation rules:
 1,Points are accumulated by a model of sales volume.  Integration time will be subject to full arrival time.
 2, 10 yuan can convert 1point and  less than 10 yuan can not convert integral.
 3,Device class points: Unit price 20000 yuan cash points according to the actual price.Unit price 20000 yuan to 40000 yuan can convert 2000 points.Unit price 40000 and more than 40000 can convert 3000 ponints.
      Points for the time
      1, Computing in the annual cycle integral used in that year from January to December.
      2, Convertible four times a year, Change once every quarter, exchange in the following  month of each quarter,     Overdue will be extended to next quarter ,and overdue will be reset.
3,Annual integral calculation work completion deadline for the next year on January 28, Annual gift points for deadline for the next year on March 31. The points for that year.
       Points for the process
      1 , Customers registered members in the website, Corresponding input  company name, contact person, contact phone number, the user named legal person mobile phone number, and password is set by customers themselves.
      2,For customer accumulative points according to the following process:
Choose gifts Applying for exchange Confirm receiving information Submit the order
       3,Customer service to the customer information data submitted for review to confirm, reply QQ platform audit situation.
      Points for shipping method
      Along with the order to ship the products
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